Danielle Riddle

Danielle Riddle was up against an intriguing task. She intended to use internet platforms to generate a supplementary revenue stream for herself, such as a personal job or a side business for some holiday cash. Her major expertise, though, was that of a musician. Aside from selling the music itself, how was it going to transfer from music into some type of product to sell online? Danielle had no record contract and no high-quality recording equipment. Getting started would have required thousands of dollars, which would have undermined the purpose of a side business at the time. So how were her two passions, music and the Internet, going to be linked?

Danielle Riddle was surrounded by it when it comes to creativity. Originally, she aspired to be a vocalist, but her attempts on stage were unsuccessful. She just lacked the ability to speak. Riddle discovered that she was quite talented in piano and guitar. Years later, she enjoyed her job but desired something more. Every day, her classmates and acquaintances would tell her about how one of them had discovered a fresh perspective and concept that was popular and selling online. Except for her, everyone appeared to have a side-channel. Dannielle Riddle rolled up her sleeves and began brainstorming some solid, useable ideas, just like she had done with music.

Soon after, Danielle Riddle understood that problem-solving naturally produced things that people desired. Even as a musician, she could create internet things that people desired that weren’t necessary related to music. She merely needed to shift her viewpoint. There were difficulties all around her to tackle. Riddle’s typical day as a musician consisted of working with her colleagues, listening to their complaints about things that didn’t work in the studio or on stage, and what they wished they had to make their lives simpler. Danielle Riddle soon discovered her coworkers were a research thinktank for fresh ideas. Even better, sites like Etsy enabled Riddle to develop and test her product ideas on actual individuals who liked performing music and wanted to make it simpler to do so.

Danielle Riddle soon discovered a method to create devices ranging from music sheet holders to instrument braces to fast clever assistance gadgets that made life simpler for all sorts of musicians. Riddle analyzed it and came up with a prototype that could be readily made and marketed online if someone had jury-rigged a means to carry and draw out guitar picks quicker. If a musician friend discovered a solution to prevent blisters while drumming, Riddle took the concept and marketed her own brand of the same goods online. Riddle collaborated with others on some truly brilliant ideas because she required assistance creating the product and marketing it to more clients than she could accomplish on her alone.

In short, Danielle Riddle recognized she didn’t have to be defined in order to earn a second income. There were brilliant ideas all around her. She just needed to be adaptable enough to seize the chance when it presented itself.

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